About Us

n0 ph34r is a not-particularly-well-defined project.  It's not a company; it's not a business.  For the first 13  years I had this domain, it was barely a web site.

In essence, n0 ph34r is basically a garage sale: I like to occasionally make things like custom stickers and, since the minimum print runs are usually 50 or more, I end up with some that I'll never personally use.  So the extras end up here (because I set up Internet services for a living and have my own server; otherwise I'd have to use something like eBay).

The stuff you see here is:

  1. limited: the number I have extra is all there is (except downloadable files; those are infinite)
  2. priced without profit: the listed prices for any Real World objects here are just what they cost me to have made

(There is also a shipping fee at checkout if you buy anything that needs shipping.  At the moment, that's easy because all I've put up so far are the stickers; I have some other stuff around like t-shirts and shot glasses that will make things more complicated when I add them.)

Since everything here started as an idea I had for something that I wanted to exist in the world, I'm also putting up some downloadable versions of the artwork as things like full-size printable images and screen images for phones or tablets.  If you want a resolution that's not on here, tell me via the contact link and I'll probably add it for you.