In a nutshell: I have no interest in knowing anything more about you than is absolutely necessary to keep the system running (and possibly to sell you some stuff so it stops taking up space in my house), much less in bothering to exploit that information.  Even if I wanted to, I don't have the time to collect all that data, organize it and sell it off to the highest bidder.  Who would want that kind of hassle?

Well, DoubleClick and the U.S. government, probably, to name two of the Usual Suspects.  So, to reassure you that I have no intention of being in any category that also includes those two, here's everything I do that could affect your privacy:

Web Server Logging:

Every time you view a page at n0 ph34r, my web server records your Internet Protocol (IP) address, the page you viewed and the time at which you viewed it.  These logs are necessary for tracking how busy the site is and how much traffic it generates on my network, as well as figuring out what's going wrong and why in the event that a problem crops up with the site.  This should come as no surprise to you, since every web site does this.

Ordering Information:

When you create an account with n0 ph34r, you will have to give me enough information to process transactions and ship you your stuff; you'll need to give me some contact information as well, so I can contact you if there's a problem.  This information is stored in the database as part of the financial records.  It will only be used to deal with issues relating to that purchase; it will never be used for anythng else.

I have neither the time nor the inclination to bother with invading your privacy.